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Emeralds are used in a variety of jewelry such as earrings, rings, and pendants. They can be cut and faceted or made into beads and cabochons (rounded gems without facets). Beryl is a common source of beryllium, but there are cheaper forms of beryl than emeralds. Jewelry is the main purpose of emeralds because they so are valuable as gems. The ways that you can determine the value of an emerald are by looking at the clarity, size, and color of the stone. The darker the green the higher the value. Emeralds are commonly cut in an emerald cut, a type of cut which takes into account that if emeralds are cut without care they can break, decreasing the value.

There are also a lot of healing properties of emeralds. Emeralds can heal ear problems, digestive problems, heart diseases, get rid of gall stones, reduce blood pressure, help you sleep, stop miscarriages, reverse paralysis, cure mental illness, balance you mentally, and do many other things. In the past emeralds were a cure all. The wealthy would either boil or crush emeralds and apply the lotion that produced as a salve for cuts or various other problems. One common use that many cultures have believed in is emerald's power to give insight, forsight, and hindsight.